Welcome to Tiger-Rock, your neighborhood martial arts academy serving Oak Hill and Southwest Austin

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has provided a world-class martial arts experience in the Oak Hill & Southwest Austin area for over a decade. Our academy teaches an incredible training system that combines martial arts, self-defense, and physical fitness into a life-changing workout. We offer kids martial arts classes and adult martial arts classes for students ages 4 and up — no previous experience necessary.

Kids Taekwondo Programs

  • Three programs for different age groups: Tiger-Cubs (4 & 5 year olds), Juniors (6 to 11 year olds), and Teens (12 to 15 year olds)
  • Our Kids Taekwondo Programs focus on developing motor skills, coordination, flexibility, and strength
  • Life skill lessons such as self-discipline, self-control, and self-defense
  • Students build self-confidence, self-esteem, social skills, and problem solving with regular martial arts lessons
Our Kids Taekwondo Programs
kids martial arts classes in oak hill southwest austin

Adult Taekwondo Classes

  • 40-minute workout that boosts cardio fitness, improves stamina, and enhances flexibility
  • Strengthen and tone core muscles with regular martial arts training
  • Kicking, striking, and grappling drills to further build motor skills and agility
  • Real-world, street-smart self-defense techniques
Our Adult Taekwondo Class

The Tiger-Rock System

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Training System incorporates taekwondo, self-defense training, life skills education, and physical fitness into a life-changing workout suitable for all ages.

  • Taekwondo martial arts training to help you develop kicking, striking, and grappling skills
  • Self-defense training that is real-world and street-smart to protect yourself from the unexpected
  • Life skills education that will help you deal with the demand and challenges of life
  • Physical fitness training that will improve your cardiovascular and mental health

The Tiger-Rock Advantage

Additional benefits of becoming a valued member of our academy include:

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