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Life-Changing Adult Martial Arts Classes in Austin

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill & South Austin offers fast-paced, high-energy adult martial arts classes. Our adult martial arts program includes self-defense, fitness, and life skills training for parents, professionals, college students, and high school seniors ages 16 & up. By enrolling in our program, you will experience

  • Real-world, street-smart self-defense training
  • Heart-pounding, calorie-burning cardio fitness to help you lose weight & tone muscle
  • Stress and anxiety relief,  giving you a big boost for your mental health
  • Accountability and discipline thanks to our method of community martial arts training

Adult martial arts training in Oak Hill & South Austin

Martial Arts + Fitness

The Tiger-Rock system is a heart-pounding, calorie-burning, full-body workout. Based on taekwondo, our workout will help tone muscles, build strength and stamina, and improve flexibility.

Essential Self-Defense

You will learn real-world, street-smart self-defense. We will teach you the proper technique and give you the knowledge necessary to respond to a physical threat.

Personal Development + Achievement

Experience the personal Development and feelings of Achievement that come with increased confidence, power, security, and strength. Advance in belt rank and participate in local, statewide, and national tournaments.

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Key Areas of Training

Our key areas of adult martial arts training include:

  • Kicking and striking drills that will help you build strength and stamina
  • Speed and agility drills to improve your physical coordination and motor skills
  • Martial arts exercises that build muscle and improve flexibility
  • Real-world self-defense training that will prepare you for physical threats

New skills. New confidence.

Our goal at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill is to help you reach your goals and improve yourself.

  • Overcome challenges in a supportive and engaging environment
  • Make lifestyle changes based on newfound discipline, focus, and self-control
  • Experience mental clarity with reduced stress and anxiety from training
  • Participate in a fun and competitive martial arts environment that will empower you.

The Tiger-Rock Advantage

Why our adult martial arts program is right for you

  • Lose weight, burn calories, and boost your physical fitness & cardiovascular health
  • Stress reduction will help you improve your physical and mental health
  • Become more flexible, agile, and coordinated through our drills
  • Become much more confident with the skills that you acquire over time on our mat
  • Become much more fit, much more focused, and much more disciplined.
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Additional membership benefits include:

  • Enjoy additional peace of mind with no long-term contracts. This will allow you to train at our academy at your own pace without pressure.
  • Tournaments and exclusive events
  • Discounts for families

Skills & Awareness

Tiger-Rock’s adult martial arts lessons incorporate various forms of martial arts, including Korean traditions such as taekwondo and hanmudo and elements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Complemented by modern fitness training, this life-changing workout offers incredible benefits such as enhanced skills, heightened awareness, and increased confidence.

  • Increase your confidence, discipline, and focus.
  • Acquire real-world self-defense skills and be more responsive to danger
  • Live a healthier, more fulfilling life with new skills
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Growth & Achievement

We recognize and celebrate success at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill & South Austin. In our program, you will participate in skill tests and competitive tournaments to test your knowledge and mastery of what you learned while training. It is more than just certificates and medals—its the unlocking of new found abilities you can build upon.

  • You can advance in rank multiple times throughout the year
  • You can participate in local and national tournaments
  • You will be able to test your skills against your peers in a fast-paced & fun environment
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Fitness & Community

Taking care of ourselves is not the easiest thing in the world. It takes dedication, discipline, and perseverance. That’s why, at Tiger-Rock’s adult martial arts training program in Austin, we instill the values of teamwork and accountability in each of our students. Every trainee in our program is encouraged to support one another. When you join our Tiger-Rock academy, you join a team of like-minded individuals driven to succeed on the mat and in life. Our community-focused martial arts training methods will improve your self-concept, build self-confidence, and restore your self-efficacy.

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