Adult Martial Arts Classes

Add a new dimension to your life. Burn calories, reduce stress, and renew yourself with heart-pounding 40-minute adult martial arts classes at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Oak Hill.

A world-class martial arts class for adults in Oak Hill & Southwest Austin

Our adult taekwondo classes offer a total body workout that combines the Korean tradition of taekwondo with the latest developments in physical fitness.

Key Areas of Training

Our key areas of adult martial arts training include:

  • Kicking and striking drills that will help you build strength and stamina
  • Speed and agility drills to improve your physical coordination and motor skills
  • Martial arts exercises that build muscle and improve flexibility
  • Real world self-defense training that will prepare you for physical threats
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New skills. New confidence.

Our goal at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill is to help you reach your goals and improve yourself.

  • Overcome challenges in a supportive and engaging environment
  • Make lifestyle changes based on new found discipline, focus, and self-control
  • Experience mental clarity with reduced stress and anxiety from training
  • Participate in a fun and competitive martial arts environment that will empower you.
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The Tiger-Rock Advantage

Why our adult martial arts program is right for you

  • Lose weight, burn calories, and boost your physical fitness & cardiovascular health
  • Stress reduction will help you improve your physical and mental health
  • Become more flexible, agile, and coordinated through our drills
  • Become much more confident with the skills that you acquire over time on on our mat
  • Become much more fit, much more focused, and much more disciplined.
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Additional membership benefits include:

  • Enjoy additional peace of mind with no-long term contracts. This will allow you to train at our academy at their own pace with no pressure.
  • In-Person and Online Classes available
  • All staff follow CDC-recommended COVID-19 protocols, including offering sanitation stations, requiring masks, and mandatory temperature checks.

Start your journey to black belt today.

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