Martial arts training for elementary and intermediate school students in Austin TX

Build the right foundation for your child with Tiger-Rock’s Kids Martial Arts training program. This program is specially designed for pre-school and elementary students.

Pre-school students will be placed in our Tiger-Cubs program. As a Tiger-Rock Tiger Cub, your child will learn movements that focus on symmetry. That way, students will be able to learn balance and focus, key foundations of martial arts training.

Formal Kids Martial Arts training begins in the elementary school age Juniors Program. Tiger-Rock Juniors will learn the foundation of taekwondo martial arts. In addition, these students will begin their self-defense training and anti-bullying education.

Our Kids Martial Arts training program is more than just teaching taekwondo skills. We partner with parents and educators to make sure that Tiger-Rock students are just as successful in the classroom as they are on the mat.

The Tiger-Rock Kids Martial Arts training program is open to children 4 to 11 years old. Students ages 4 and 5 will be placed in the Tiger-Cubs program. Children 6 to 11 years old will be placed in the Juniors Program.

Previous martial arts training is not required to join Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.  Get faster. Get better. Get stronger with Tiger-Rock.


Tiger Cub                          Junior

Tiger-Cub Program (ages 4-5)

Specifically designed for children 4 and 5 years of age, Tiger-Rock Tiger Cubs program focuses on developing balance through symmetrical movements. These lessons and exercises help our Cubs focus attention, build confidence, and improve coordination.


Junior Program (ages 6-11)

Our Juniors program, designed for students 6 to 11 years old, serves as the next step in their martial arts training. These lessons develop self-esteem and confidence, teach discipline and self-control, help channel energy, develop lifelong self defense skills, and encourages positive work ethic and academic values.


About Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts s a National franchising company providing health, skills and fitness training through its franchisees’ Martial Arts programs for members of all ages. Our programs enrich their personal and professional lives in many ways. Tiger-Rock programs are a blend of modern sport science, the latest research, and hundreds of years of martial arts tradition to provide you with the most effective experience available.