We offer an awesome kid’s martial arts program in South Austin.

Martial arts will help your child build confidence as they acquire key kicking, striking, and grappling skills. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also teaches critical lessons in self-defense and life skills. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill & South Austin offers kids martial arts lessons for students 4 to 15. Your child will have a fun and exciting time at our academy, learning things such as:

  • Martial arts, life skills, and social skills training
  • Valuable self-defense and anti-bullying lessons
  • An age-based curriculum that instills discipline & respect for authority
  • Positive instruction that will help your child focus, concentrate, and set goals
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Kids martial arts lessons for Oak Hill & South Austin

Character Building

We aim to help your child develop good character, strong leadership, and positive social skills with the lessons taught on the mat. We work to instill discipline, confidence, and respect for authority.

Core Kids Martial Arts Training

Kids and teen martial arts classes at our Tiger-Rock academy will participate in kicking, striking, and form drills. As your child advances in our program, they will develop sparring skills.

Essential Life Skills

We also provide essential life skills education, anti-bullying education, and self-defense training to help kids protect themselves and be prepared for the world around them.

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kids martial arts in austin tx

Tiger-Cubs (4 and 5-year-olds)

  • 30-minute kids martial arts lessons for four and Five-year-old students
  • Focus on motor skills development and hand-eye coordination
  • Listening and following directions
  • Primary martial arts forms, kicks, and strikes
kids martial arts in south austin texas

Juniors (6-11 years old)

  • Foundational kid’s martial arts education, including kicking, striking, and sparring (green belt & above)
  • Fun and energizing 45-minute lessons after school
  • Self-defense lessons and tips on how to deal with bullies
  • A constructive and fun activity that is healthy for your child to participate in
  • Learn valuable life and social skills and develop focus, discipline, and confidence

Teens (12-15 years old)

  • Advanced youth martial arts forms, including kicking, striking, grappling, and sparring (green belt & above)
  • Structured 50-minute lessons
  • Expansive real-world self-defense strategies
  • Improvements in physical fitness will help their athletic development
  • Teens will improve their self-esteem, leadership skills, social skills, and mental health

Skills & Education

Tiger-Rock’s Kids Martial Arts programs are designed to help South Austin students develop essential life skills through our fun methods of martial arts instruction. Your child will develop social, focus & concentration, self-defense, and other life skills in a high-energy and supportive environment. We can help your child:

  • Develop a healthy self-esteem & self-concept
  • Improve how they respond to situations & surroundings
  • Acquire new tools that will contribute to their success

Fitness & Development

Your child is full of energy! That’s why our kid’s martial arts academy must offer an environment where they can constructively channel that energy. A typical Tiger-Rock martial arts class is fast-paced and full of energy. No one sits on the bench here! We can help:

  • Increase attention span and awareness in younger kids
  • Develop agility and coordination in older kids
  • Strength, conditioning, and cardio fitness for adolescents & teens
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Family & Community

Tiger-Rock of Oak Hill & South Austin is a family-friendly, community-oriented kids martial arts academy. By joining our academy, your child will become part of a team that is as invested as you are in their success. It is more than just belt ranks, medals, and trophies—it is about their growth as an individual!

  • structured environment for our kids & teens
  • supportive environment for our parents
  • An engaging and welcoming community for families

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